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Sacred Lines

Justin was born in the hills of Pennsylvania in a peaceful, rural farm community in 1972.  Before he was a year old the family pulled up stakes and caravanned to Springfield, MO and a new mountain terrain in the Ozark foothills.  Here he explored the countryside and learned a respect and understanding of nature.  In 1984, after a family separation, he ripped his way up to St. Louis, and started a new life in the city.  As a teen he spent much of his time involved in sports and preparing himself for a college career, (potentially lasting a lifetime).  High school graduation couldn’t come soon enough, so in 1991 he left the suburbs of St. Louis to go to college in Columbia, MO.  Columbia provided a new opportunity for learning and experiencing new people.  Here he experienced his first encounter with theatre and set design and the use of non-traditional technology to create a magical space.  He also met many electronic music producers and djs and forged what would become a lifelong interest polyrhythmic music and the psychedelic experience.  In 1996 he completed his degree in Environmental Design set off for Kansas City, MO.  Here, he took his design experience and began the internal dialogue of what it means to be an artist.  After struggle through several design positions he met a friend who was hosting electronic music parties in the area.  A desire to create the magical space again took his interest.  In order to satisfy this need he began to design posters as well decorating the spaces for events and conducting live interactive visuals for the events.  After a couple years of being involved with this scene he and a couple buddies moved to Chicago, IL to further this endeavor.  Here he worked for a glass design company as well as being involved with music events.  From Chicago the experience continued as he moved with a new group of explorers out to San Francisco, CA.  Here the music events grew to exponential size and potential.  He also spent many hours in the home studio with friends and comrades, creating videos and designing ideas for participatory, interactive installations.  The nearly unexplainable experiences that happened in San Francisco set the stage for his next time in life.  In 2000 he said farewell to many good friends and experiences and made his way back home, to the call of family in Springfield.  Here he worked with his Grandpa for many years in home repair and construction.  Then in 2005 he felt the need to solidify his experiences and went back to school to earn his Art degree.  Since this time he has been working towards building an artful world of his own.  He is actively involved in the local art community and shows often at local galleries.  He lives in a small farm home just outside of town and studios with his partner in small house in town.  He loves his life, his family, friends, and the dogs and cats that call him friend.

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